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A huge THANK YOU to all that played (and all of you that didn't catch me in time for the photo!) and to the wonderful companies that make this SDCC VAMP HUNT awesome every year!

VAMP HUNT Vol.2- Video

The SDCC Vamp Hunt was a huge hit last year and I am back for Vamp Hunt Vol.2!!! Make sure to follow my Instagram @VAMP for mini-hunt's filled with goodies for all you Fiends during all my travels and adventures leading up to SDCC 2017!

So get ready to start hunting my Fiends! The total value of goodies last year ended up being well over $5000 in Prizes and will be even BIGGER this year! Expect even more awesomeness from all your favorite companies and so much more!

Get ready to have a fun time and a chance to WIN some amazing prizes at random locations along my adventures and at SDCC by following @VAMP #VAMPHUNT on Instagram!


The SDCC Vamp Hunt was amazing and thank you for all that participated as well as the companies that were all a part of this making the total value by the show well over $5000 in Prizes!
Stay tuned for more Vamp Hunt's coming your way with NYCC in October!

Are you ready to get started hunting my Fiends! There's over $2000 in Prizes from a bunch of awesome companies that supplied SDCC exclusive goodies and so much more!

The LIST of task's is posted below and will be across all my social media for you to find. So get ready to have a fun time and a chance to WIN some amazing prizes at SDCC!


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VAMP HUNT - The List's Part 1 and Part 2 are below =)
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Hello My Fiends! Happy Hunting!!!

XO, LeeAnna Vamp   ...Your Best Nightmare